3 Gardening Projects You Can Start in Early Spring

21 Nov 3 Gardening Projects You Can Start in Early Spring

Everybody’s excited – it’s finally spring! And for those like me, who loves gardening, the best season has come for us to start our new gardening projects.

Are you planning various projects for your garden too but still unsure how to start? Here are some projects that you can start working on:


Garden and Yard Tasks

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  • Clearing drainage ditches.
  • Repair trellises, fencing and bowed seeds to raised beds.
  • Weed young spring weeds.
  • ‘Top dress’ beds (when dry enough)
  • Lime time!
  • Prepare your lawn.
  • Pull vegetable plant skeletons


Tasks for Veggies and Flowers

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  • Plant early spring vegetables on workable soil.
  • Protect your seedling from hard frosts.
  • Be prepared for the cabbage moth.
  • Divide, clear and mulch perennial beds.

Tasks for Shrubs and Trees

  • Prune (fruit trees, remove dead or damaged branches)
  • Remove stakes or relax wires, if there’s any.
  • Transplant existing shrubs.
  • Apply horticultural oil sprays (pear and apple trees).
  • Apply oil to ornamental trees and shrubs.
  • Inspect pole pruner before using.


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