Keyhole Gardens by Mike Gassaway – Introduction



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  • 0:11 – Why is this podcast about keyhole gardens?
  • 1:02 – Where are keyholes gardens best built?
  • 2:30 – What does a keyhole garden actually look like from an overhead view?
  • 2:54 – The first place Mike saw a keyhole garden
  • 3:30 – The overarching success of keyhole gardening
  • 4:08 – How the keyhole gardens mike built in their arid desert area managed to provide more than enough vegetables for him and the people in his community
  • 5:41 – How a keyhole garden works
  • 6:04 – Points to consider with your keyhole garden
  • 7:08 – Introduction on how to build your very own keyhole garden

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