This Week’s Theme: Recycle Fallen Tree and Tree Branches



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Q & A

  • 03:56 Cleaning. It becomes your responsibility to get the trees out of the way. And like my daddy always said, “Running from responsibility doesn’t count as exercise”.
  • 4:17 Tips on what Chainsaw to use and how to take care of it.
  • 8:42 First thing you want to do is assess the situation. What is the tree resting on? And what is going to happen when you start cutting? Think about the big picture.
  • 10:18 In order to keep you blade from getting bound, you don’t cut from the top to begin with. You make a cut ¾ all the way through from the bottom up then you go to the top and make the cut there.
  • 13:01 Look at your wood when you start cutting the limbs. Look and see if there’s wood you can use for later projects, use your imagination.
  • 17:06 What can you do to keep your tree branches from falling?
  • 19:59 Stake only if the rootball is unstable or the tree trunk is bending.
  • 21:40 Remember that piling soil or too much molt against the base of the tree creates strangled roots.

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