What’s Your Garden Style?

24 Nov What’s Your Garden Style?

“Tell Me What Your Garden Style is and I’ll Tell You Who You Are”

Okay, I just made that up. But it kinda feel true. Doesn’t it?

Which do you prefer? Do you like the formal and traditional garden arrangement? Or would you prefer the colorful  and vibrant cottage gardens? Which ever your option is, here’s a list of garden style inspirations that will surely fit your taste…

Cottage Garden

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Cottage gardens are great for those who love the rusty vibe. Here are 9 Lovely Ways to Make A Cottage-Style Garden:

  1. Plant mixed flowers in lieu of grass.
  2. Add an arbor.
  3. Use unexpected planters.
  4. Incorporate Vintage Accessories.
  5. Create a Winding Garden Path.
  6. Build A White-Picket Fence.
  7. Plant luxurious, full-petaled flowers.
  8. Add low-key, or repurposed furniture.
  9. Embrace natural garden features like a hillside.

Source: Country Living

Vertical Gardening Ideas

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Vertical Gardening is great for those who have green thumb but do not have enough space. Here are 9 ways of vertical gardening.

  1. Chain-link Vertical Garden
  2. Indoor/Outdoor Modular Cylinder Planters
  3. DIY Pallet Planter
  4. Fence Post Ladder Planter
  5. DIY Hanging Wooden Shelf Vertical Garden
  6. Freestanding Vertical Pallet Herb Garden
  7. DIY Leaning Wood Herb Garden
  8. Coat Rack Hanging Garden
  9. Paint-Can Herb Garden

Source: Better Homes and Garden

Garden in Small Spaces

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Gardening in small spaces – basically gardening anywhere – is perfect for those who are dying to grant their green thumb’s wish. Be fascinated with these awesome small space gardening ideas.

Rooftop Gardening

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Rooftop gardening is great for garden-lovers who live in Urban places where land spaces are limited. Got a rooftop garden? Here’s a list of plants that are excellent for rooftop gardening.

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